Behaviour Guidelines
Posted by on 21 October 2015 12:47 PM

Take a minute and read these handy guidelines for playing Kano games!

Be Responsible

Every player is responsible for his or her actions, so make sure you're looking after it. Don't share your access, make sure those passwords are private, and log off when you're not playing. They may seem like simple things but they can help keep your account safe!

Stay Safe

Your personal and private information is safe on our side, but it's up to you to manage what you tell other players. Whether that's in chat, ingame messages, or through the network don't share you personal information. Anything from phone numbers to home addresses, and never give out your login information. A Kano staff member will never ask for your password, if a player asks you for it make sure to submit a ticket.

Play Fair

Stick to the rules guys and gals. Using bots, automated devices, scripts, alternate accounts etc are all against our ToU and make the game unfair to others. To keep it fun and positive for everyone, leave your mad bot skills alone while playing. If we do find out a player is using an automated device, or cheating in any way their account will be acted on. If you're not having fun with the game without bots and things, let us know how we can change the game to be more fun. We are always looking for suggestions!

Be Respectful

Alright, so we all know that games like these have a lot of confrontation. We expect some of that in chat.. Okay we expect a lot of that in chat. What we don't expect, and really don't want, is explicit language, obscenities directed at others, or direct abuse. We're pretty flexible when it comes to chat, we don't want to be heavy handed as our games are made for and played by adults. However there are certain lines that should not be crossed, racism, bigotry, threats... I think you get the picture. It's a game for adults, let's all treat each other like adults.

Names, Faction tags etc. should be kept free of naughty language, snarkiness about other players, or other offensive content. Kano/Apps game administrators reserve the right to remove content deemed inappropriate and replace it with references to "My Little Pony".

Don't feed the trolls!

Trolls! They want your reactions, they feed off your frustration! Let's starve those trolls. If someone is being a jerk in chat, or is trying to start an argument, don't engage! If they don't get a reaction they'll be way less likely to continue trolling. Also, try to avoid airing out your personal conflicts in the game. If you want to take someone on in combat, that's fantastic, but the rest of us don’t need to hear about anyone's high-school drama, family feud, or unreturned lawnmower in the Chat and feeds.

No Soliciting

People are here to play, and in game communication tools are there to enhance that experience by giving people a way to ask questions, share info, and encourage or challenge their fellow players. Advertisements, solicitations and commercial promotions are not allowed anywhere in the game, so please conduct your business elsewhere.

For more detailed information, check out the Terms of Use for Kano/Apps games and forums.

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