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Take down Bosses with your friends to earn Experience, Cash, and Gamer Points. Sometimes you'll even get a drop of a new or limited availability item!

Bosses are locked until you have completed certain achievements. Once you have challenged a Boss you have a limited amount of time to fight them before they retreat and you lose your chance to get their kill rewards.

These threatening people or creatures are never gone for long and can be fought repeatedly for additional rewards and achievements. Every time a defeated Boss returns they are even stronger than before!

Cooperative (Co-op)

Bosses Each location has a unique Co-op Boss which you can invite your friends to help you out with.

While only one of your Co-op Bosses can be challenged at a time, there is no limit on the number of other people’s Bosses you can help with. In addition to earning you XP, helping with another friend's Boss can yield rare item drops that don’t appear anywhere else in the game.

Note that once you start a co-op boss, it'll be available for attacks for four days (96) hours. Once it is defeated, you will have a 48 hours to claim any rewards before the boss expires for good.

World Bosses

Sometimes a massive World Boss will turn up. These juggernauts have incredible health reserves and require the efforts of many different factions to take them down before they disappear with their loot.

Every player, regardless of levels or allegiances, has the opportunity to join in these fights, and may launch an attack against a World Boss once every four hours. World Bosses will go critical if they are not defeated before the countdown reaches 00:24:00:00, and can then be attacked every 30 minutes.

Once a Boss has been defeated you have seven days to collect your reward, so remember to check your Boss page regularly for updates!

Raid Bosses

If you like Boss Battles, then get ready for the main event! Every so often, a wickedly challenging Raid Boss will turn up, and players will have to pool their cunning, resources, and power to defeat them. 

After the Party Leader summons a Raid Boss using collected Keys, he or she must assemble a Raid Boss Party to help defeat their mighty foe. When a player attacks a Raid Boss, retaliatory damage is taken by the entire party—and look out, because Raid Bosses hit back hard! But worry not, because players can Heal the entire Raid Party by spending Energy Points, meaning that the battles become a fine balance between dealing damage and healing damage taken. 

If your Party is defeated by the Raid Boss, the Raid Boss regains a portion of its health and the Raid Boss Party must try again. 

Raid Bosses give out great XP rewards as well as exclusive Common and Superior item drops, so they're a great opportunity for players to earn XP as well as acquire some awesome new items. The Raid Boss summoner is guaranteed an item drop upon completion of the Raid Boss, while the other party members have a variable chance of receiving an item drop after the Raid Boss has been dispatched if they meet the minimum action requirements of 2000 total actions (of which at least 1000 must be healing actions). 

Power Attacks

You can spend extra stamina to do Power Attacks against a Boss which do more damage and earn more rewards than regular attacks.

Adding more friends to your Fight will allow you to upgrade your Power Attack to inflict even more damage!

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