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Posted by on 29 June 2016 05:01 PM

The games we make here at Kano/Apps are designed to be multiplayer experiences with an emphasis on the social experience. Players are rewarded in a variety of ways when they play with and against other people. As there is potential for these social aspects to be abused to gain an unfair advantage, we ask that players don't create more than one account in the same game environment. 

To clarify: it is a violation of the Terms of Use to have more than one account on Facebook/Kanoplay 1, or Kanoplay 2. If players are found to be operating more than one account on each of these networks, those accounts may be warned or banned outright under the Terms of Use.

Some of the game environments that we offer are accessible from multiple different social networks, this of course can make the situation trickier. Kongregate and Armor Games players access the same instances of our games. We did this to increase the player base from both websites, giving the communities more players to interact with. However in doing so players can now have two characters in the same game environment.

We had to talk about this long and hard in Support, toyed with different ideas on how to keep the game environment fun and fair. We don't have a way to automatically prevent players from creating extra characters, so our solution is as follows.

It is not against the rules to have an account on both Armor and Kongregate ONLY. However, (listen up here this is a huge however, pay attention!) we reserve the right to disable any character who appears to have been used to aid the play of another character owned by the same person. 

Now I want to make sure you know what we mean by "aiding the play" of another character you own. Basically it's using one of your characters to help your other character in any way. Setting up hitlists for each other, backing each other in fights, being in each others Squads, being in the same Faction... The list of possibilities could go on and on, but I'm going to trust that you can figure out the rest. If you're worried about something being considered aiding your other character, send us a message in Support. We'd be glad to clear up any confusion you have, as we'd much rather let you keep your character and play within the rules, than take it away because you weren't sure.

This scenario only applies to Kongregate and Armor Games, where two different networks share the same pool of players. If you have two characters within one game environment through Kano Play or Facebook, that is considered an alternate account.

One thing to remember is that game administrators reserve the right to disable any account we feel is contributing to a situation that is unfair to other players. 

We want everyone to be able to play in a fun and fair way, using at least one character. If your second one is taken away, it does kind of suck, but you still have another one that you can play and we aren't going to spend a bunch of time arguing about it. At the end of the day we'd rather remove a second account that is raising red flags than keep it around, so just keep that in mind when you invest your time into a second character on Kong/Armor.

If you find you want to experiment with different builds or character types, there are two other instances of our games you can join either on Kano Play or Facebook, plus we have other combat oriented MMO's to check out!

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