Loyalty Points
Posted by on 19 November 2015 03:17 PM

Loyalty Points (LP) are accumulated slowly over time, but they can be spent on very powerful Weapons, Armor, Mateys/Warriors, and Vehicles that aren't available anywhere else in the game. You'll earn loyalty points by getting your daily Gamer Points, and can also be earned when purchasing Favor Points or UN Credits.

You'll start off in the lowest Loyalty tier with the ability to buy only from the Bronze Tier of loyalty items. As you earn more LP you'll advance through the tiers Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and lastly Alexandrite, where the best loyalty items can be acquired.

Note: Your progress through the tier can fluctuate depending on periods of gameplay and offer point purchasing inactivity. As you get to the higher Loyalty Tiers progress through the tier is weighted more heavily on purchases.

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