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Play the lottery for a chance to win the daily jackpot, or one of many lesser prizes. Every player gets one free ticket a day, but if you want to boost your odds you're able to buy more with Favor Points.  

How to play the lottery

Choose five Numbers from 1 to 43. Five Numbers are drawn daily, out of 43 numbered balls. Match all 5 Numbers to win the jackpot. Match 1-4 Numbers to win smaller prizes.

By selecting "Quick Pick", the system will generate 5 random numbers. If you want to choose your own number, you can do so by using the manual selection board.

You will get 1 free ticket if and only if you do not hold any tickets in the upcoming draw. The numbers for the free ticket are generated automatically.

You can view your tickets and draw results by clicking [My Tickets] and [Draw Results] links.


1. Draw at 12pm daily(Pacific Time)

2. The jackpot will accumulate by 50 Favor Points every day untill it reaches a maximum of 1000 Favor Points.

3. If there was a jackpot winner, the jackpot size will be back to 150 Favor Points.

4. Each ticket is good for 1 draw and you have 7 days to validate the ticket.

5. There is no guaranteed winner of a draw.

6. You cannot cancel your ticket(s) after purchasing.

7. There is no refund of tickets being purchased.

One very important thing to remember, you have 7 days from the time of a draw to validate your ticket and receive your winnings. Make sure to check those every day, otherwise you might end up losing out on a sweet payout!


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