The Daily Reward system
Posted by on 12 October 2019 04:00 PM

Playing our games over consecutive days will earn you Daily Rewards, including boosts to stamina and energy. The more days you play in a row, the better your rewards become!

Visit the Daily Reward section of your Home page to collect your rewards for regular play and see how much time is left before a new one becomes available. Make sure you check back regularly! If you miss a day your rewards will disappear.

The Daily Reward system is designed to help compensate for players in different time zones, but basically, it can be triggered via a bunch of normal in-game actions like logging in or gaining a level. If either of these things happen between 22 and 44 hours since the last time the counter increased, you'll get another day. If you are playing late one night and then again early the next morning, we recommend you pop back in later in the day; this'll make sure the game registers you as having a fresh session and avoid resetting your counter.

Important note: If you are already at or beyond your maximum Stamina or Energy, you will not be able to collect your Daily Reward until you spend it down to below your max (the game will give you a warning about this.) In order to get the maximum amount of Stamina before an event like Battle Arena, we recommend you claim your Daily Reward and save up Friend Boosts before entering the event, as it will give you the option to use Friend Boosts once your stamina goes down.

In Viking Clan and Pirate Clan collecting Stamina from a daily reward is tied to the stamina cap. That means the maximum stamina you can collect on is 7,500, so plan accordingly to get the most out of your rewards! 

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