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Show your friends some love by sending them a gift!  Gifts are fun to get, and can be used in your workshop to help craft new and better weapons, gear, and vehicles.

You can send over 100 gifts a day. The more gifts you send the higher the chances your friends will send a gift back! Your 100 gifts will reset 22 hours after sending your first gift that day.

Create a Gift Wishlist so people will know what you're looking for, or post a Gift Request to your feed!

Gifting on Facebook

There happens to be a known issue with gifting at the moment, and unfortunately we're at the mercy of Facebook's most recent API changes for the time being.

In the meantime, here are a few things to make sure of that can help with gifting problems.

- Make sure you've given the app permission to access your friend list. This is on by default but can be revoked. To make sure the game has access to your friends list, go to the app settings located in the app center or by clicking the small gear tab next to the game on your app list, scroll down to the "Friend List" setting and make sure it's enabled.

- Make sure you're Friends with the person on Facebook.

- Click here to log in to Kano Play, instead of using Facebook directly.

Other "Giftssues" 

If you are having trouble on a different server, or are experiencing a different kind of gift error than the one above, give these few steps a try!

- Refreshing the page
- Logging out and clearing your browser's cache
- Updating your browser to the latest version

- Click here to check that JavaScript is enabled. 

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