Hitlist and Bounties
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Put a price on a rival's head and just sit back and wait for your fellow players to take them down for you!

Taking down Hits/Bounties is an excellent way to earn Cash and XP, but watch out! A high reward usually means a tough player, and they are known to hold grudges.

You can see your base Hitlist or Bounty cost under the User tab on your profile page. The base cost of a hit is determined by a player’s total income, but it can grow higher depending on a number of factors including their level and how many times they've been hitlisted recently. On top of that there are also a number of complex modifiers. Your hitlist cost will reset to the base value 24 hours after the last time you were listed.

In Mob Wars: LCN only, you can have a high hitlist cost and still be listed for cheaper if you are in War Mode. War hitlists are bumped down to the base value plus certain modifiers, regardless of what your current hitlist cost is.

The amount paid to place a hit will be slightly higher than the amount earned by the person who successfully claims it, due to “facilitator's fees.” Your Social or Game feed will post the Hitlist payout amount (the amount earned by the player who makes the kill) not of the hitlist cost.

An important note, players under level 300 have exponentially higher hitlist cost growth compared to players above level 300.

Hits can be viewed by potentially hundreds of thousands of other players all at the same time, so successfully making your kill may not be an easy task. There is also a feature which helps keep the hitlist populated by automatically listing players over level 300 who have been inactive for six months or more.

Be careful who you take out a hit on! Setting a price on someone’s head will invite retaliation from that character and their friends, so think twice about starting something you might not be able to finish.

Note also that in order to more slowly introduce players to the game, characters below level 300 cannot be hitlisted by players outside their level range unless they attack first. 

Honorable Hitlisting

Earn achievements for placing a Hit on someone within your Honourable Hitlist Level Range. If you are eligible for these achievements you can find your current Honourable Hitlist Level Range on the User tab of your Profile. Alternately rivals who qualify will be denoted as Honorable Hitlist Eligible on their Profile beside their alias.

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