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Captains are one of the most important aspects of Pirate Clan. Not only is the game more fun with friends, but they directly affect how powerful you are in Battles.

When you enter a Battle, your Captains automatically contribute to your fight by each bringing in 10 Mateys10 Weapons, and 1 Ship. If you have more of these than can be lead by your Captains, your most powerful items are selected depending on whether you are attacking or defending.

To balance the game, your Clans' effectiveness is limited by your level, but the higher your level the more Captains will make a difference when Battling your rivals.


Inner Circle

Reward your closest friends by adding them to your Inner Circle! Every time you gain Gold from Battles, Adventures, or Bounties your Inner Circle Captains receive bonus gold equal to a small percentage of your earnings.

Encourage your best Captains to add you into their Inner Circles as well and team to to grow your Hoard!

Don't forget to check your Inner Circle page regularly though, as uncollected earnings expire after 3 days.


Elite Captains

Enhance your gameplay by filling the Elite Captain positions on your Profile.

Pirates who sign up for an Elite position grant you a special perk for 48 hours, such as a bonus to Adventure earningsExperience, or even Battle power!

Pro tip: You can publish vacant Elite Captain positions to your friends once every hour!



Show your Captains how much you appreciate them by sending a gift! Gifts are fun to get, and can be used by your Blacksmith to help craft new and better weapons, ships, and mateys.

You can send over 100 gifts a day. The more gifts you send the higher the chances your friends will send a gift back!

Create a Git Wishlist so your Captains will know what you're looking for, or post a Gift Request to your feed!


Fight Boosts

Send an offer of Rum Boosts to all your Captains! Rum gives everyone in your Clan an increase to Attack for a limited time.

Check your Captain Alerts to see boosts that have been offered to you.

An Energy Boost gives a member of your Inner Circle a 100% refill of their Energy points.

A Stamina Boost gives a member of your Inner Circle a 75% refill of their Stamina points.


Hired Captains

Looking for a quick addition to your Clan's power? Trade in Favor with Davy Jones for Hired Captains. These salty sea mercenaries won't send gifts or help you in challenges, but they will expand your capacity to bring ships, mateys and weapons into battle.

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