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The official Kano community forums are where you can go to suggest any ideas you have for the games, leave feedback or ask the community team or any active developers any questions you may have! You can check out the forums and register for an account here:

Representatives from Kano will also make posts in the forums about the latest goings on in the games, upcoming events or even contests we are running!

The forum is divided into five categories.

One for general, non-game-specific topics, which includes the Ideas section and one for each of the four games divided into the following categories:

Announcements - any information on new features being added to the game, or other topics that Kano needs to bring to the attention of the players goes here.

New Player Area - looking for tips or tricks from veterans or want to find more friends to ally with? This is the place!

General Discussions - any questions or feedback you have about the games goes here.

Bugs/Issues - run across any problems while playing our games? Leave a post here and someone from Kano will look into it! You may be asked to submit a ticket to Support if your issue is account specific.

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