Playing on Mobile Devices (Phones, tablets and iPods)
Posted by Solomon K. on 16 December 2015 10:13 AM

When Kano/Apps started out, all our games were designed to play on your desktop or laptop through the web browser. Nowadays though, many of us play on-the-go using mobile devices, and we've been working to update the games to work smoothly on these platforms. If you're curious about playing on mobile or wondering if the games will work on your device, check out the list below.


Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra and Pirate Clan both have their own iOS-native apps you can download right from the app store! The apps have nearly all the features of the desktop games, packaged in a fresh new design and easy to use interface. You can log in to our iOS apps using your Facebook account (for FB or Kano Play 1 accounts) or your Kano Play 2 (ex-MySpace) account. 

If you're looking to play Zombie Slayer or Viking Clan, both of these games are available for play through the Safari web browser on your iOS device. Simply navigate to Kano Play 1, 2, Facebook, Kongregate or Armor Games and see the standard desktop interface.


If you're a fan of open-source, you can check out our new Mobile Web versions of Mob Wars: LCN and Pirate Clan on your Android device. Visit Kano Play 1 or 2 using your browser and you should see an interface much like that of the iOS apps, with a mobile-specific design that makes things clearer and easier to use. Using Google's Chrome Browser might help out with performance as well.

The other games will also work through your browser, but will show the standard desktop interface; in our experience, playing in landscape mode helps with getting access to the chat. We've also heard that Puffin browser works best for playing on Kongregate, so if you're a member of the Kongregation you may want to check that out.

The future of mobile!

We've got iOS versions of Zombie Slayer and Viking Clan in the works, along with the equivalent Mobile Web updates for both games. There are also Android-native apps in the works for all the games, so keep your eyes peeled! When new apps drop we'll be shouting it from the rooftops on social media, the forums and in-game.

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