New Player Protection
Posted by on 17 October 2016 11:17 AM

New Player Protection will be active for 60 days after installing the game through Facebook, or first playing the game on one of our other Networks like Kong or KanoPlay. During this time attacks received and against enemies are limited by your xp attack range (except on the hitlist, so be careful!) This means you'll only be able to attack and be attacked by players near you in level. For Pistol Whips and Bounties enemy players must be either less than 2 times your level or greater than half your level — however, when you hit level 300, you will be able to be listed by anyone.

When you're under New Player Protection you'll have the freedom to explore and learn the game with other players with the same experience. You won't have to worry about getting stuck in an unknown feature or interaction where you could get smashed up by a more advanced player. If you feel you have a firm grasp of the game you will also have the opportunity to opt out of New Player Protection before the period ends, just make sure you really want to! Once you've opted out you aren't able to get covered again.

Here are some tips that should help you aim yourself in the right direction:

  • Increasing your Income through buying properties will increase the cost to hitlist you
  • Attacking other players will add you to their Rivals list, enabling them to retaliate for 24 Hrs; this applies even if they're way higher level than you so be careful who you pick a fight with!
  • The more friends or hired captains you have the more weapons you can take in a fight, every Mobster or Friend in your Clan/Squad etc. is able to hold one weapon
  • Guilds (Clan, Syndicate, Faction) are a great way to meet new players, get help with your jobs, and compete for rewards!

Important note: If you participate in Syndicate Wars your new player protection will be removed and can't be reverted back!

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