Mobile - How to Create a Chat Group on Mobile?
Posted by Sean S on 18 October 2019 04:46 PM

Mobile Chat Group Management

This guide will illustrate how to create new chat groups on our Mobile apps as well as how to invite people to your group and how to manage the players within your group.

The full Chat Group Guide can be found here.

How to Create a Group on Mobile?

Tap on the More Tab

Tap on Chat

Tap on the Groups Icon

Tap on the Create New Group icon 

Define the Group name and choose if you want your group to be Private or Public (don’t worry you can update both the name and Public/Private at any time in the future)

How to invite others on Mobile?

Open Chat and navigate to your Group
Tap on the Settings icon (the small gear located in the top right)

Tap on "Invite Members" under the dropdown
Enter their Username or User ID then Tap the appropriate Invite button

How to update Group Settings on Mobile?

If you are the group Owner you can change the Group name or toggle the Public/Private setting at any time.

Open Chat and navigate to your Group
Tap on the Edit Icon

Update the Name and/or Privacy Type
Tap “Save Group” to confirm these changes

How to delete a Group on Mobile?

In the edit menu, Tap on “Delete Group”

Tap “Yes” to confirm these changes

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